How Do You Select The Right Drmentors Package?

Drmentors, a pioneer in the online medical coaching space, has long been in the process of formulating targeted coaching packs which are beneficial to MBBS students and PG aspirants who are preparing for the NEET PG exam.

Broadly, the Drmentors Coaching Packs are of three types:

1) The PG Entrance Prep Pack – Covering the entire NEET PG Entrance exam syllabus (consisting of 19 subjects), this Pack gives a candidate 500+ hours of videos and is valid for 18 months. Comprehensive theory discussion videos, downloadable PowerPoint presentations, MCQ question papers and image based MCQ discussion videos with downloadable images are just a few of the important features of this PG Entrance Prep Pack.

2) MBBS Year-wise Packs - Ranging from 80+ hours to 300+ hours of videos (depending on the year of the MBBS course), the number of subjects included in each package is included according to the syllabus of the respective MBBS year. These packs are perfect for MBBS student who wants a rapid revision and each Pack is also valid for 18 months.

3) FMGE Pack – Covering all 19 subjects as per the FMGE syllabus, this Pack is valid for 12 months and is the ideal option to consider for candidates studying outside India.

Which Drmentors Coaching Package Should You Select?

While all candidates – MBBS students as well as NEET PG aspirants – can definitely make use of all the study material and videos in all our packages, we can recommend the best way to select a specific Drmentors Coaching Pack that meets your NEET PG coaching needs:

  • For MBBS Students

Students who are studying MBBS should ideally select the MBBS year-wise coaching packages. A 1st year student should take the 1st year pack; a 2nd year student should take the 2nd year pack, and so on.

Drmentors’ videos are useful even for the MBBS University exams because the theory for all subjects is first covered comprehensively. This is followed by Multiple Choice Questions and Images discussions.

  • For MBBS students in their Final year, Interns or Post Interns

Candidates who are in their Final year of MBBS, or those who are interns or post interns should take the PG Entrance Pack. This is recommended because even if you take the PG Entrance Pack midway through your study year, it will expire only after 18 months. Another reason to keep in mind is that test patterns keep changing so it is best to go for the PG Entrance Pack towards the end of the MBBS course.

  • Candidates planning PG after the FMGE

If you are planning for the PG entrance exam after FMGE, you can straight away go ahead with the PG Entrance Pack. Since the pattern for the FMGE and NEET PG exam is becoming more and more similar by the day, it makes more sense to select the Drmentors PG Entrance Pack to fulfil your NEET PG coaching needs.

If the focus is only on clearing FMGE, the most effective and suitable Pack for Foreign Medical Graduates is the FMGE Pack, complete with 450+ hours of videos and test series.

Are The Videos in the Year-wise Packages & The PG Entrance Package Different?

Drmentors ensures that all candidates learn and study from the same set of video lectures and material prepared by our faculty. The videos are not different, and have just been divided year-wise in the year-wise packages so that is it easier for MBBS students to focus on the subjects that they are currently studying. The PG Entrance Pack allows for a full-fledged A-Z NEET PG exam preparation.

Guidance For Which Package To Select

Candidates can receive guidance about package selection from our faculty who can be reached via phone on +91 9404634654. Our faculty will clarify any doubts and they also offer personal mentorship and counselling support to candidates.

Check out more details about each Drmentors Coaching package here!