Are the Drmentors videos and study material updated?

One of the most common questions that students always have on their minds is whether or not their video and study material is regularly updated. At Drmentors, we always strive to give our MBBS and PG students access to updated PG coaching material while they’re preparing for the NEET PG exam. We ensure that this happens round-the-clock by constantly updating our videos and material so that NEET PG aspirants - anywhere and everywhere - will never miss out on crucial information.

The efforts we take to keep our lectures, material, and faculty up to date with the latest patterns of developments are unparalleled when compared to other online NEET PG coaching institutions.

How Do I Keep Myself Up To Date With Drmentors Updates?

  • It is very easy for students to track the latest Drmentors updates on the website and mobile app. If you’re accessing the website, simply check your ‘Message Box’ for any updates. For the mobile application, check the ‘Updates’ sections regularly.
  • Students can also follow our accounts on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to keep abreast of the most recent updates on our coaching material. Our Twitter account, in particular, is the main platform where updates are shared immediately under the List ‘Weekly Lecture Updates’.


What Are The Recent Updates That Have Been Completed in 2018?

  • Video Lecture Updates

Here, we’d like to give you an idea about the kind of video updates that we have completed in this year itself:

  • 11+ new and exclusive lecture updates on Systemic Radiology by Dr Bipin Daga
  • 10+ exclusive lecture updates on Systemic Pathology by Dr K.S. Sunil Kumar
  • 10+ new and exclusive lecture updates on General Physiology by Dr Vivek Nalgirkar
  • 40+ lectures by Dr Satish Mali covering the full Preventive and Social Medicine syllabus as per the latest edition of Park Textbook of Preventive and Social Medicine
  • Exclusive lecture series covering all Oncology topics by Dr Amit Desai
  • 10 exclusive lectures by Dr Ankit Khandelwal discussing all topics under Neuroanatomy including MCQ discussions

There are a lot more Drmentors updates planned for the coming couple of months in the specialisations of Microbiology, Pharmacology, Anatomy and more.

  • Study Material Updates

Our faculty plays an integral role in keeping our study material relevant and indispensible to our students. Some valuable study material updates (in the form of PDFs) include:

  • Newer Drugs document by Dr Merlyn Gomes (Pharmacology)
  • Collated Updates as per the latest edition of Park Textbook of Preventive and Social Medicine by Dr Satish Mali (PSM)
  • Collated Updates as per Harrison's latest edition by Dr Srinath Chandramani (Medicine) and much more.

Rest Assured, Updates Are Ready Well Before The NEET PG Exam!

Keeping in mind external limitations and dynamics, it’s not always possible to rapidly publish a list of upcoming Drmentors updates all the time because this list is based on student feedback and faculty availability. However, we always ensure that there is enough time for students to go through the updates before the NEET PG exam.

In order for students to feel confident in their preparation and hard work, they deserve a coaching system that meets them above and beyond. This is the main driving force behind our constant endeavours to maintain and grow our NEET PG resources in the best possible manner.

If you have still not had the unique Drmentors experience, have a look at our website and check out our Demo Videos right here!