Drmentors Companion Notes are here!

We have added yet another feature in our mobile apps for our students. 'Companion Notes' uploads have started!

What are Companion Notes?

These are handwritten notes, created by our experts to add value to our video content and enable our students to quickly revise important points. Check a sample here: https://bit.ly/2vMCSvp

How to use companion notes?

1. Make sure you are using the latest version of our Android or iOS apps.

2. Companion Notes can be accessed in the Study Material section of the respective subjects in the Drmentors Android and iOS apps.

3. Companion Notes can be viewed online in half screen, when the video is playing or in full screen for revision, as per student's choice.

4. The notes are not a substitute to video viewing. They are useful only when used along with our videos. Hence the name 'Companion Notes'.

What are the charges for companion notes?

None. You read it right! The companion notes are free for all our students.

Read the complete FAQs related to the companion notes here: https://www.goeasypay.in