Documents to Carry on the NEET PG 2019 Exam Day

This blog will go over anything and everything that you need to carry with you when you appear for the NEET PG 2019 exam:

NEET PG 2019 Admit Card

  • Candidates will get their NEET PG 2019 Admit Cards once the test venue has been allotted.
  • Candidates will have to download their Admit Card from the website and affix     their latest passport size photograph     in the space provided on the Admit Card.
  • There are some requirements to be followed regarding the passport photograph for the NEET PG 2019 Admit Card:
  • The passport size photograph has to free of scratches, stains, unwanted reflections and red eyes.
  • It should have at least 75% coverage of the head and face of the candidate looking at the camera with a neutral expression.
  • The background of the photograph has to be white.
  • There has to be a caption indicating the candidate’s name and date of capturing the photograph at the bottom of the photograph.
  • It should be noted that the NEET PG 2019 Admit Card won’t be sent across by post.

Documents To Bring To The NEET PG 2019 Exam Test Centre

  • A printed copy of the Admit Card with the attached clear passport photo and
  • A photocopy of permanent/provisional SMC/MCI registration (to be retained by the test centre)

Please note –

  • Indian/OCI citizens who have obtained their Primary Medical Qualification outside of India, and do not have an SMC/MCI registration, should bring their original screening test pass certificate issued on NBE letterhead.
  • Foreign Nationals, who wish to appear for NEET PG 2019, are required to bring their passport (original and valid) to the test centre along with any other documents as proof of their medical practice license in their country.
  • Any authorized photo ID (must be original, valid and non-expired) such as:
  • PAN Card
  • Voter ID
  • Driving License
  • Passport
  • Aadhaar Card (with photo)

            Please note –

The name of the candidate on the photo ID must match with the name as shown on the Admit Card. If there’s a change in name (due to events such as marriage), the candidate must bring the relevant document to the test centre.

  • It should be strongly noted that an unfair means case will be registered against candidates who bring false/forged documents to the NEET PG 2019 test centre.
  • Candidates also need to keep in mind that possession and/or the use of mobile phones or electronic devices is strictly prohibited within the premises of the NBE Examination centre. Penal action will be taken against those candidates who disobey this rule.

For further information and doubt clarification about NEET PG 2019, please refer to the NBE’s Information Bulletin.