What our students say
Rajath R Rank 5 - NEET PG 2019

I had joined Drmentors PG prep package during my internship as I was not able to go to classes and it provided me with the comfort of watching videos from home. And the video lectures were good, especially Obgy , Opthal, PSM , Anaesthesia, Dermat, and also Nikita Nanwani lectures regarding easy ways to solve the mcqs. Also the lectures keep on getting updated and whatever new updates are released are available to all students.

Dr. Debraj Saha Rank 340 - NEET PG 2019, Rank 53 - DNB CET 2018

Drmentors.com is a platform where you will get the advantage of teachers teaching using a board and pen. It is the way of teaching we are used to from our school times but believe me, it suits us the best. Moreover, the lectures are available to you 24*7 which are delivered by top faculties headed by Dr. Punit sir. So you won't have the need to crush your brain and understand concepts but rather can go at the pace you need.

Srijit Saha Rank 392 - NEET PG 2019

I took the 18 months course of DrMentors during my internship period. The course was concise and very much effective. This helped me achieving a rank of 392 in NEET-PG 2019 exam. The teaching faculty lead by Dr. Puneet Bhojani sir was simply awesome. They made the job easier for me. Thank you team DrMentors.

Sunil Kumar K S Rank 93 - AIIMS PG 2019

I hadn't joined any coaching in my UG or internship and I had just 5 months to prepare .At that time I found DrMentors and it was a real boon. I started watching Drmentors videos which really cleared all concepts and I used to watch them at any time ,like travelling .which saved my most of time. Without Drmentors, it would have been impossible for me to crack AIIMS with rank 93 in just 5 months of preparation. Drmentors boosted my confidence everyday. I'm proud to be a Drmentors student and I thank every faculty member for making my dream come true.

Dr. Manda Goveen Rank 224 - NEET PG 2017

Thank you Drmentors for providing great lectures for PG entrance preparation which have help me secure me All India Rank 224 in NEET PG this year. The lectures are by very good faculties and they covered theory concepts as well as MCQs. Also, I could view difficult topics multiple times as required which is a great advantage.

Dr. Archit Tyagi Rank 24 - DNB CET 2017

Drmentors is an innovative and well targeted step in the world of PG entrance coaching. Lectures are easy to watch, convenient, concise and to-the-point and can be revised in a short interval of time before the exam. Content of lectures is phenomenal, enough for targetting any PG entrance exam, be it AIIMS, PGI, NEET PG, JIPMER etc.Faculties are well experienced in their specialisations and videos are regularly updated as per changing trends.

Dr. Nilkanth Suthar Rank 657, Percentile 99.5 - NEET PG 2018

Thank you Drmentors for developing a great platform.It helped me learn as well as save my time which I could invest in revision. Faculties are experienced and their teaching using tips and tricks is very beneficial. Regular updates & special videos on Image based MCQs and recent MCQs are very helpful. Drmentors is a smarter choice for PG entrance prep.

Dr. Akash Kumar Ghosh Rank - 41 PGIMER 2018

I started preparing during my internship itself, with Drmentors. The lectures were always up to date and MCQ discussions are concise and explanatory. Lots of questions were directly from the MCQ discussions and the topics that the faculty had told would be important. One can easily clear any entrance with Drmentors. I didn't go to any other coaching and secured PGI AIR 41, AIIMS AIR 329.

Dr. Shatakshi Kulshreshta Rank 63 - JIPMER and PGIMER 2017

Drmentors provided me with high quality content right at my doorstep. The study material included Image based MCQs according to the latest trend. Uploading the latest updates in all the subjects, recent changes in guidelines, new drugs - well before time was like a treat to me which saved me a lot of time and gave me an edge over others. I am grateful to team Drmentors!

Dr. Narendra Annaladasu Rank 285 - NEET PG 2017

I completed MBBS in 2013 and it was not possible for me to attend coaching classes because of my service work. Drmentors helped me prepare for PG entrance after office hours. Lectures by Dr. Mali, Dr. Bhojani and all other faculties greatly helped me. I stood 1st in state in service category and am a state topper even in non-service category.

Dr.Soma Dey Rank 1132, Percentile 99.1 - NEET PG 2018

Thank you to Dr. Punit Bhojani and all the faculties of Drmentors for helping me secure a superb rank while simultaneously pursuing my internship activities. I had taken up coaching exclusively with Drmentors and it proved to be a great choice.

Dr. Surendra Kakani Rank 442 - NEET PG 2017

Drmentors lectures helped me a lot. During my internship, due to my hectic schedule, I couldn't attend live classes. Your videos were a boon to me at that time. I could easily watch the videos and make my notes. The updates and suggestions you gave me from time to time were of immense help. I can't express my gratitude in words! Thanks a lot, Drmentors!

Dr. Samir Bhatia RANK 234 - AIPGMEE 2016

Thanks a lot...I'd like to thank first of all the mentor himself, Dr. Punit Bhojani sir...for unearthing this totally new concept...All the classes are exceptionally good by specialists in their respective fields, to the point, concise with MCQs after every lecture...The classes are such that they will help you in all entrance exams in India...what more can a person expect sitting at home...Last but not the least I'd like to thank all the premium faculty of Drmentors and support staff for my success!!!

Dr. Gunturu Krishna Chaitanya Rank 232 - DNB CET 2016

I really recommend this online coaching. It is much better than sitting and listening for hours and hours in a coaching class , as the videos in this program is divided in hourly videos. You can listen to one topic and then do mcqs in that topic, take a gap and listen to another topic and you can choose to revise only the topic in which you are weak.very subject is good but I revised these subjects just before exams and they have helped me remember not only factual one liner points but also basic principles and helped me to answer multi line questions also.

Dr. Rahul Radhakrishnan Rank 373 - AIPGMEE 2016

Dr. Mentors is a valuable tool for entrance preparation especially for students who prefer to study in the comfort of their homes. They have an excellent team of teachers and the lecturers are really phenomenal. Many MCQs and concepts covered in the lectures were asked in the exam. I have secured rank 373 in AIPG, rank 126 in JIPMER and rank 450 in DNB CET this year and I would really like to thank the entire Dr. Mentors Team.

Dr. Saurav Sultania Rank 394 - DNB CET 2015

The lectures available on this platform is a unique way to prepare for your PG examinations. They are immensely helpful in clearing our concepts and building on them to accomplish for a bright future. The lectures of obg, anatomy , physiology, pathology are particularly awesome to name a few! Thank you Drmentors :-)

Dr. Surya M Rank 110 - AIIMS PG 2014

The video lectures have helped me a lot in my preparation for PG Entrance Exams. I have been regularly watching the videos and reading your notes. The lectures are given by the top faculty in each subject and Dr Punit Bhojani sir, you are the best! Your lecture was so inspiring for me. After seeing it, I felt OBG was such an easy subject, which till then used to appear so mysterious to me. Thank you so much Sir! The best part was I could watch them at my leisure, whenever I was free, at home, and as many times I wanted.

Dr. Sumanth Koppulu Rank 2 - APPG March 2016

I thank the Drmentors team. It does share a big part of my success. Especially Anatomy, FMT, Ophthalmology and OBGY lectures helped me a lot. The faculty team is best in class and the lectures are available anytime as per my schedule. Thank you Drmentors team!