Absolutely! Our videos and study material are updated very regularly based on recent advances and changing exam patterns. All updates are added automatically to students accounts.

Let's take an example: If you have opted for the PG entrance pack, the total hours of video access provided are 1800 hours and package validity is for 18 months. This means that as long as the 1800 hours of video access are exhausted, you can view any video as many times as you wish, in these 18 months. This is a huge limit and for practical purposes, you can consider it is as unlimited access for 18 months.

We simply track the total time duration for which videos are actually played. We do not consider the time for which the video is paused or not playing. You will find a progress bar in your account page to track your video access usage.

There is no limit on the number of devices that can be used to watch the videos. At a time, you can log in to 2 devices simultaneously.

There's simply no daily limit. You can watch any video as many times as you want as long as your access hours are not exhausted and package is valid.

Yes, the PG entrance prep pack includes PGPrep's Test Series and Question Bank.The test Series includes 75+ Grand Tests & 240+ Topicwise Tests, Daily Live Tests. The question bank includes 40,000+ MCQs including image based MCQs.

Yes. We provide downloadable power point presentations prepared by our faculty themselves. These power point presentations are also used during lectures by the faculty. Besides you can pause the video & note down important points while watching our video lectures. This would not be possible in classroom lectures!

You can send us your queries at support@drmentors.com and we will request our expert faculty to solve your doubts. We will get back to you as soon as possible on a best effort basis. As easy as that!

All subjects, as mentioned on our website, will be available to you the moment you log in!

Yes, Videos can be downloaded for offline playing on Android phones and tablets using our Android mobile app. Upto 5 videos can be downloaded at a time on Android devices.

Account extension packages are provided for PG entrance pack for 3 Months (Rs. 4500/-), 6 Months (Rs. 9000/-) and 1 Year (Rs. 12000/-) duration.